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Lacey Wells 

Januray 2024 Bride 

Jojo is the ABSOLUTE BEST! She did my hair and make up for my wedding and without any previous trial with her she nailed it!! I couldn’t have been more pleased on my wedding day! To make it better, my wedding was in the rain and my make up AND hair held up, didn’t run or fall down! Impressed is an understatement- Jojo is amazing!!

Vionette L. 

Repeat Client

Jojo did an AMAZING job on my makeup! What I love about her is that she not only does your makeup but teaches you tips and tricks for the next time you apply it yourself!

Krisha Mak

2023 Bride 

Jojo did my wedding makeup and hair for me and my mom. She was amazing and kind. My mom had breast cancer and it caused her hair to be thin and her skin sensitive. She was patient with her even manage to somehow put fake lashes on my mom. Something that difficult for other makeup artist to do. As for my own makeup and hair she really pulled thru to do a very natural look while enhancing my features. My wedding was outside in the heat of Florida and my makeup did not melt. I would recommend her to everyone!

Any Perez

Photoshoot Glam

In love with my makeup! I had the pleasure of working with Jovi in preparation for a photoshoot and she 100% went above my expectations. She does a great job at prepping the skin, and uses top quality products. My skin felt amazing, and looked even better. I usually struggle with foundation because of my large pores but she worked her magic and accomplished the most beautiful, flawless application. I can’t recommend her enough. Already looking forward to my next makeup session!

Kayla P.

Facials & Makeup Client

I’ve had multiple services done such as facials (customized to my own needs) and full-glam makeup, each visit was nothing short of excellent! Jovi’s KNOWLEDGE and passion for everything she does makes the world of a difference. I highly reccomend Jojo beauty consulting for any/every need. I’ve also been using her skincare products for years now! If you’re looking to treat skin problems such as acne, blemishes, toning, smoothing wrinkles, or even just a daily routine to keep your skin looking it’s best, Jovi is your go-to person with go-to products!

Jamie T. | Age 30

Facial Client

I have been using the cleanser, eye cream and serum every day and my face feels so soft! Loving it so far :)

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